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What is a Notice of Completion?

A notice filed in the State Construction Registry indicating that a construction project is complete.

Who may file a Notice of Completion?

The general contractor, owner, lender, or title company.

When can the Notice of Completion be filed?

Only after "final completion of the original contract", which typically means the day a permanent certificate of occupancy is issued:

Notice of Completion Timeline

Figure 6 Notice of Completion

This example shows the Certificate of Occupancy being issued on November 2. Once a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, the Notice of Completion can be filed at any time

Warning: Under the following circumstances, you cannot file a Notice of Completion unless you first file a Notice of Intent to File a Notice of Completion. The Notice of Intent to File a Notice of Completion is required when the project is: 1) privately owned; 2) total construction time exceeds 120 days; 3) total value of construction is greater than $500,000.00; and 4) no payment bond has been obtained by the owner/general contractor.

For instructions on filing a Notice of Intent to File a Notice of Completion, see the SCR Notice of Completion instructions above.

What is the effect of a Notice of Completion?

All Preliminary Notices are due within 10 days after the Notice of Completion, and all liens must be filed within 90 days after the Notice of Completion.


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