Utah Lien Laws: Utah State Construction Registry (SCR) Programming Changes

On Wednesday, January 9, 2013 I met with Tom Harper the Director of the Utah State Construction Registry at DOPL, and with Ray Walker to discuss the programming changes for parcel numbers in the SCR.  The purpose of the discussion was to understand the reasons why Utah Interactive changed the SCR website to require that tax property ID numbers be put in according to a specific format.  Based upon the information in that conversation, it appears that there have been concerns about the quality of parcel number information coming into the State Construction Registry and in order to try and facilitate more accurate searching and more accurate input of the numbers, DOPL and Utah Interactive decided to require formatting according to fixed formats from the various counties.  As a result of these changes, parcel numbers must follow the formatting requirements which the counties provided to DOPL and Utah Interactive. 

DOPL has been in contact with the county recorder’s asking that when suppliers and contractors contact them and give them addresses that the recorder’s freely give parcel number information in response, and if there are any recorders who are not being cooperative, DOPL would like to know so they can contact them and encourage them to be forthcoming with information.  However, if you are working on a project where it cannot be indexed by address or the county does not have an address that matches with address given to you, then your job becomes more difficult. 

The Suppliers Association is continuing to work with this issue and trying to figure out whether there are administrative or legislative changes that would allow for more accurate exchange of information about parcels and simpler operation of the SCR.