Colorado Lien Law: Notice of Intent to Lien

In Colorado, prior to filing a Mechanics Lien, lien claimants are required to serve the owner and general contractor a Notice of Intent to Lien.  This Notice must be served no less than 10 days before the Lien is recorded.  Colorado Courts recognize that failure to serve the Notice will invalidate the lien right. 

Since liens are due within 2 or 4 months last work, Contractors and Suppliers working in Colorado should establish a policy to make sure that they do their Notice of Intent well before this deadline.  Therefore, if you do work in Colorado and you have not been paid it should be your policy that you do a Notice of Intent to lien approximately 60 days after your last delivery of materials or work on the jobsite, by doing this you will be well within your deadline and have all of your rights in effect.

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