Board of Directors for the Suppiler's Association

On Thursday, April 12, 2012, several members of the Suppliers Association got together at Geneva Rock to review proposed bylaws for the Association in preparation for an election of a Board of Directors. Revisions to the bylaws will be submitted this week to various members and then the association members will vote on approval of the bylaws. This vote will be done electronically and once the bylaws have been approved, then, we will seek nominations for a Board of Directors and have a Board of Directors election within the first two weeks of May. At that point, the association will be fully up and running. With the board in place, the association will be prepared to begin working on legislation starting with the inter meeting in May and going throughout the summer. For anyone who is interested in serving on the Board of Directors of the association, or having a member of their company on the Board of Directors, contact Misty Jensen at (801) 476-0303. This number is still the law office number for Dana Farmer’s law office, but will be changed shortly to an official number for the association.