Utah Mechanic's Lien Law

Utah’s Mechanic’s Lien law has been now changed to Utah Preconstruction and Construction Lien law.  LienCounsel’s owner and president, Dana T. Farmer, is the Utah Mechanics Lien lawyer and is very familiar with Utah Lien Law and Utah Bond Law.  He is also well versed in Utah Construction Bond Law and has litigated numerous Utah bond law cases and Utah lien law cases.  Utah lien law is frequently changing and the legislature is regularly changing requirements for Utah preliens, Utah lien rights, Utah lien deadlines, Utah Preliminary Notice and other Utah construction notice requirements.  While there are many construction lawyers in the state of Utah, Smith Knowles, P.C. has several of Utah’s best construction lawyers and LienCounsel’s owner, Dana T. Farmer is an experienced construction lawyer and is a trusted source for information of how to file a mechanic’s lien in Utah, how to file a construction liens in Utah, how to file Utah bond claims, and other Utah construction defect cases and Utah construction delay cases.