Utah Progress Lien Waivers

What is a Progress Waiver?

The Progress Waiver should be used for all draws except the final draw on a project. When you sign and deposit the payment you are waiving your lien and bond rights for the portion of the project in which you have received payment.  When receiving a check for payment where the Restrictive endorsement is included on the check, the Restrictive Endorsement should read: 

"This check is a progress/final payment for property described on this check sufficient for identification.  Endorsement of this check is an acknowledgement by the endorser that the waiver and release to which the payment applies is effective to the extent provided in the Utah Code Ann. Subsection 38-1-39 (4) (b) or (c) respectively."

The endorsement will have the word progress circled in the above statement.

You can purhcase a copy of the Progress Lien Waiver form at in the bookstore.  

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