What is a Preconstruction Service Lien

The Preconstruction Service Lien is the document recorded with the county recorder to give notice to the property owner that a lien has been filed against their property.  A Preconstruction Service Lien is a Lien for preconstruction services, which are actual services performed before construction begins. 

The lien must be recorded within ninety (90) days after your last work.

Who may record a Preconstruction Service Lien?

Any person who furnishes Preconstruction Services.  Preconstruction services means:

- To plan or design, or to assist in the planning or design of an improvement or a proposed improvement before construction of the improvement commences, and

- for compensation seperate from any compensation paid or to be paid for construction service for the improvement; and includes

  • consulting,
  • conducting a site investigation or assessment,
  • programming,
  • preconstruction cost or quantity estimating,
  • preconstruction scheduling, performing a preconstruction construction feasibility review,
  • procuring construction services, and
  • preparing a study, report, rendering, model, boundary or topgraphic survey, plat, map, design, plan, drawing, specification, or contract document.