Notice of Intent to Lien

A Notice of Intent to Lien is a notice sent to a property owner advising that the person sending the notice intends to file a lien on the owner's property. 

Utah does not require a Notice of Intent to Lien, but giving the owner Notice that you intend to file a lien may help you get paid. 

The Notice should be sent to the owner 2-4 weeks before a lien is filed.  Keep in mind, that the Lien still has to be filed within 180 days after your last day or work or 90 days if a Notice of Completion has been filed.

The Notice of Intent to Lien is sent by certified mail to the debtor and copies are sent to Project owner and original contractor.  It list the amuont that is owed, Project name and address, and gives a date that payment must be received by.  Generally that date is whithin 15-20 days.

If you have further questions about Notice of Intent to Lien, please review our bookstore or our learning center.  You may also call us 877-593-5949 and speak with a live lien specialist.