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What is a Preconstruction Service Lien

The Preconstruction Service Lien is the document recorded with the county recorder to give notice to the property owner that a lien has been filed against their property.  A Preconstruction Service Lien is a Lien for preconstruction services, which are actual services performed before construction begins. 
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Notice of Intent to Lien

A Notice of Intent to Lien is a notice sent to a property owner advising that the person sending the notice intends to file a lien on the owner's property. 
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What is a Notice of Retention/Utah Retainage

What is a Notice of Retention and when should it be filed?
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Gain It...Claim It...Tame It...

In Utah there is a three step process to lien and bond rights: Gaining the right, making the claim, then enforcing the rights through a lawsuit.  At LienCounsel, we describe this three step process as: Gain it - Claim it - Tame it.
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