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Idaho Construction Lien Law: Idaho Mechanics Lien Notice

In Idaho, if you are a contractor, subcontractor (first and second tier), and material supplier (first and second tier) who is furnishing construction services for private project, you are not required to provide any Preliminary Notice, Notice of Right to Claim Lien, or Notice of Intent to Lien.  Such a notice can be sent as a courtesy; however, it is not required.
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Idaho Lien Law: Listing Defendants in Lien Foreclosure Lawsuits

Recently, in the case of Parkwest Homes, LLC vs. Barnson, 294 Pacific 3d 1125 (Idaho 2012), the Idaho Supreme Court reaffirmed the long standing position that a valid lien timely filed may still be lost as to certain parties, if, when the lawsuit foreclosing the lien is filed, the owner, lenders, other lien claimants, and any person with a claim to title is not included as a defendant in the lawsuit.
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