Utah Construction Lien Laws: Recent SCR Changes

Recently, there have been some changes to the State Construction Registry regarding the entry of parcel numbers.  Multiple Tax Parcel ID’s are still separated by a comma, but now there can no longer be a space in between the comma and the next Tax Parcel ID.  Also, in the counties which have standard formatting, the dashes or colons are now required to be included in the Tax Parcel ID.  Also, you can no longer put “Unknown” or other words as the Tax Parcel ID, rather if you are filing on a public project you need to link to a Notice of Commencement or include a Tax Parcel ID. 

Keep in mind if you are copying from a notice which was filed prior to these changes the SCR will tell you the Tax Parcel ID is invalid if it does not conform to the new formatting requirements, i.e. no spaces, and  dashes or colons must be included.